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Transport revolution

One very simple invention from the last century – the shipping container – radically changed the world. Every container is exactly 2.44 metres wide and 2.59 metres high. They come in different lengths: 6.10 metres, and double this, 12.20 metres.

The introduction of these huge steel boxes allowed ships to be loaded much more quickly and efficiently, vastly reducing transport costs. Products could be made where it was cheapest to do so. The shipping container prompted huge growth in global trade.

One Planet

Transport is one of the themes in One Planet, Museon's permanent exhibition about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal. Goal 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure: "Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Innovation is an important driver of economic growth and vital for the development of a sustainable economy and society. Innovations are often conceived and developed in studies, laboratories and workshops, but support is needed if they are to succeed. People knew this centuries ago. Using demonstration models and their own instruments, scientists would explain to the public the exciting discoveries they had made. This not only drew attention to their work, their enthusiasm also inspired new generations to become involved in science and technology, laying the foundations for future innovations.