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Educatie in One Planet

Education in One Planet

A dynamic learning environment in a museum setting

As an interactive museum for culture and science with an educational mission and an interdisciplinary approach, One Planet is keen to inspire people to explore the world around them and develop their own knowledge and capacities. One Planet achieves this mission by offering school groups and the general public a dynamic learning environment in a museum setting. As an intermediary for cultural education, One Planet is therefore a valuable complement to the formal education system.

Our interactive exhibitions use the latest technology and techniques to present objects from our nature, culture and technology collections. These collections are directly relevant to areas of the school curriculum such as geography, history, biology, physics and technology. The wide range of subjects addressed and high experiential value of our presentations make a visit to One Planet a fascinating and instructive experience. Every year tens of thousands of schoolchildren participate in the museum’s educational programmes.

One Planet curators are educators as well as collection managers. They develop both exhibition concepts and the related lesson programmes. This continuity ensures maximum knowledge transfer and top-quality education. The specialists at Museon adopt an interdisciplinary approach to the development of new educational products and always encourage children to ‘discover and do it yourself’.

In developing such educational products, One Planet works on a demand-driven basis. Programming is strongly influenced by developments in the school system, curricula, attainment targets and preferences within the education sector. Market research, focus groups, lesson evaluations and close and ongoing personal contact with people within the education system help us to understand our various target groups’ specific needs.

One Planet constantly updates its programming and presentations in response to current developments in society and in scientific knowledge. In addition to temporary exhibitions, we regularly create themed galleries as a setting for new, specially developed museum lessons.

One Planet provides interactive guided tours for school groups. Although our publications describe these as ‘lessons’, they never involve formal classroom teaching.

The collection and school subject areas

One Planet's nature, culture and technology collections are directly relevant to the following areas of academic teaching:

  • biology, geology, geography, world studies
  • history, social studies, citizenship/global citizenship
  • physics, chemistry, arithmetic, mathematics, economics
  • technology, drawing, arts and cultural education

Some museum lessons can be given in English but this must be specifically agreed in advance. Please send requests to scholen@oneplanet.nl.

Aanbod primair onderwijs Aanbod voortgezet onderwijs

PABO-studenten zijn ook van harte welkom!

Ook PABO-studenten ontvangen wij graag in Museon-Omniversum. Tijdens een bezoek ervaren zij de leermogelijkheden voor toekomstige leerlingen! Speciaal voor hen is er een aanbod met een sterk gereduceerd tarief. Meer weten? Lees dan alles over een bezoek met PABO-studenten.

Impressie van de tentoonstelling One Planet over de 17 Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen

Inspireren, leren en doen

Stel zelf je eigen bezoek samen. Maak bijvoorbeeld een ontdekkingsreis langs de huidige mondiale uitdagingen van de mensheid in de interactieve One Planet Expo. En leer alles over de 17 Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen van de Verenigde Naties. Help algen groeien met jouw adem in het dynamische One Planet NOW!. Of reis mee naar de meest bijzondere plekken op aarde in de spectaculaire films van onze One Planet Dome.

Laat je inspireren, vergroot je kennis en ga samen aan de slag. Help ons mee onze prachtige planeet te beschermen en sluit je aan bij One Planet!