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Actief, betrokken en vernieuwend

As an interactive museum for culture and science with an educational mission and an interdisciplinary approach, the Museon wishes to inspire people to discover the world and themselves. In addition, we want to motivate people to treat our planet with respect. The Museon realises this mission by offering its visitors a dynamic museum learning environment. Key concepts are innovation and sustainability, interactivity and dialogue, quality and excellence.

The Museon is located in the international zone of The Hague among major international institutions and fits well with The Hague as the second UN City and City of Peace and Justice. Based on our motto ’discover the world,’ we approach topics that are related to culture, nature and science from a geographical perspective. We show the ways in which humans use and organise the planet in response to natural and social conditions, focussing on global factors that are decisive for the quality of life on earth and therefore have a direct impact on peace and justice in the world. This is how we turn the Museon into an international museum that is part of an international city.


‘The Museon inspires visitors to discover the world and themselves. We motivate our visitors to treat our planet with respect and to improve it where possible.’ That is the motto of the Museon. Our programmes connect the past, present, and future. We create links between culture and science and between local identities and global developments. We consider it our task to stimulate international involvement and solidarity. To this end, we create an evocative museum environment, which allows families and schools groups to familiarise themselves with global themes in an active and entertaining manner, and to become engaged world citizens with an active attitude. That is how the museum contributes directly to the successful profile of The Hague as the International City of Peace and Justice.

Active, engaged and innovative

The Museon attracts a broad and diverse family audience. Family visitors come to the museum for an instructive day trip in an environment where learning and entertainment come together in equal measures for children, adults, and groups that include all ages. The goal of our programme is to make people think, question, and marvel. Schools, both primary and secondary, form another important target group for the Museon. School groups visit the Museon because of its wide range of educational activities that are in every respect different from a lesson at school. The topics are tailored to the curriculum of the school and presented in an environment that invites discovery and exploration of the exhibitions and authentic objects: the most important reason for a visit. 

Internal organisation

The internal organisation of the museum is divided into four departments: & Presentation, Marketing & Communication, Collections & Productions, and Finances & Visitor Support. The management team, consisting of the director and the heads of the departments, is responsible for the day-to-day management. The museum has over 60 staff members in permanent or temporary employment.


The Museon is affiliated with GreenKey, the international label for businesses in the tourism and leisure industry, as well as in the market for meeting and conference venues.