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Climate Studio

In de Klimaatstudio
In de Klimaatstudio
Exhibition | 4 May 2018 - 31 March 2024

Climate Studio

Worldwide, the weather seems to be confused. The climate is changing. What do the people who depend on nature for their daily lives tell us about this?

"Going live …3, 2, 1…!" This Museon’s gallery feels just like a TV studio. A Climate Studio, where you can make an actual programme about climate change and how people worldwide are coping with it. To create the Climate Studio, Museon staff travelled all over the world. A film crew shot footage in Kenya, the Netherlands and the Pacific. Discover the impact of climate change on the everyday lives of ordinary people! What are they experiencing and what creative solutions have they found?
Sit in the presenter’s chair and decide who and what to include in the programme. Study the film footage shot by the travelling climate reporters and listen to interviews with people from Kenya, Kiribati and the Netherlands. Finally, of course, their reports need to be properly underpinned by scientific graphics and animations! Then your very own climate show will be ready to hit the airwaves!


Various parts of Kenya are battling against drought. There were prolonged dry periods in the 20th century but now they seem to be getting more frequent. There is a shortage of good-quality pastureland for farm animals. Droughts are not the only reason. The population is increasing, partly due to better healthcare. Aid organizations are encouraging the cattle herders to keep camels instead. They are tougher than cows and can go longer without water.


Kiribati is an island republic in Oceania. It is at risk from rising sea levels and is being hit by more frequent tropical storms. The islanders are trying to control the threat of inundation by planting mangrove forests along the coast. An early warning system is being introduced to improve people’s readiness to cope with storms. Ultimately, emigration may be the only solution. Young people are in favour, but the older generation is absolutely opposed to it.


The Dutch climate is getting warmer and wetter. Dense urbanization makes it hard for the soil to absorb all the rain. Will Amersfoort soon be a coastal town? Money and technology are being thrown at the problem. Dikes are being strengthened, pumps and sluices are working harder, and water holding areas are being created. Taxpayers are facing higher charges for water control.

More climate stories?

Films and animations from the Climate Studio are online at www.klimaatverhalen.nl. New climate stories from around the world are added all the time. Visit the site to register for automatic updates!