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Levi Lassen Hall

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Levi Lassenzaal
Levi Lassenzaal
This 400-m² room is the largest in the Museon. The recessed area has specific acoustic qualities and is equipped with a flexible seating plan.

The area is suitable for symposiums, lectures, theatre performances, concerts, product presentations, radio and television broadcasts, film and sound recordings, and a variety of other presentations using film (including 16- and 36-mm analogue film), slides, large-screen film, video, or PowerPoint.

Projection takes place by means of two PANASONIC PT-D7700 beamers. These high-quality beamers offer 1400 x 1050 SXGA resolution and a light output of 7000 lumens, with a screen size of up to 3.5 x 8 metres!

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